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How to stay safe and legal when downloading films, music, books, games and TV shows.

Downloading illegal content can leave you and your family exposed to malware, viruses, scams and fraud. In the workplace, illegal downloading and file sharing can have serious repercussions for businesses. Spyware can infiltrate systems and firewalls compromising network security.

There are many safe, legal ways to download films or TV series. If you download legally there is less risk to you and it also means you’re paying a fair price for the content. Protection of copyright is important in ensuring our creative industries continue to flourish and the jobs of the people behind the scenes such as carpenters, costume designers and sound engineers, are protected.

There are some great websites available to help signpost you to safe and legitimate content:

Get It Right From A Genuine Site

Get It Right From A Genuine Site helps you get the music, TV, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport that you love from genuine services and in turn support UK creativity. Every time you watch, listen, read or play, you make a choice, either to support the things you love and help them flourish and grow, or to contribute nothing. By supporting what you love, you invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists and ideas.


While the internet plays home to a fantastic range of content, not all of this content is accessed legally. It can be challenging to encourage children and young people to change the source of their content, particularly if they are not paying for their content. This information aims to keep parents and teachers well-informed about copyright and how digital content can be enjoyed safely and legally online or via a mobile device. is one of the UK’s leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download or rent great films. Whatever film you’re looking for, in whatever format suits you, aims to show where you can find it (and how much it costs), from cinema, Blu-ray, DVD and TV, to totally legit download and streaming services.

Here are also some tips to help in identifying an illegal streaming site
  • If it seems too cheap to be true – it is probably a pirate copy.
  • Watch out for titles that have yet to be released or are still being shown in cinemas, they are more than likely to be pirate copies.
  • The quality of illegal copies is usually inferior with poor sound and a blurry or shaky picture.
  • Be cautious of offers for “free” content when searching for and purchasing downloads from unfamiliar sites. Look out for terms like “Unlimited Movie Downloads,” “100% legal”, they usually indicate pirated product. Offers for on-time or yearly fees with no details or contact information should alert you that you have entered an illegal site.

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