Content protection

Protecting online digital content from piracy

With the popularity of the internet and technology rapidly evolving, an increasing number of individuals and businesses are choosing to access content online.

Whether its from a mobile phone, tablet or smart TV, online digital consumption is increasing and fast becoming the people’s choice for accessing film, TV, sport, music, books, software and games, with 59% of UK internet users consuming content online.

However, the demand for online consumption also increases the risk of illegal activity and piracy and as broadband speeds become faster and more affordable, businesses from across the creative industries are seeing more content being pirated and illegally accessed online.

A recent survey from the IPO discovered 25% of internet users consuming content online have consumed at least one item illegally.

The creative industries play a large part in supporting international businesses, economies and jobs – generating $2,250 billion of revenue and 29.5 million jobs worldwide. Therefore, it is essential that these industries and the people working within them are protected.

How can FACT protect your content?

Recognised as the leaders in IP protection, FACT has a wealth of knowledge and experience in online digital content protection and has protected film, TV and sports content for more than 33 years. However,  our services are not limited to these sectors and we are now offering our expertise to all brands and businesses that require intellectual property protection.

The piracy landscape is always changing and traditional means of obtaining infringing content online are becoming increasingly fragmented. As the piracy landscape has evolved, FACT has continued to develop methods and techniques to effectively tackle new and emerging threats.

We offer bespoke content protection services, tailored to meet your business needs and requirements. Designed to detect, disrupt and dismantle online piracy, our services will protect your content and provide support to prevent future infringement whether its pirated on a dedicated website, social media, video platform or an online market place.

With a proven track record of success in combating online piracy and our services range from intelligence, online investigations and disruption, scanning and take-downs, forensic examination, certification and security and legal support.

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