Due Diligence and Verification

FACT Due Diligence Services

FACT Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence services provided by FACT include investigating, analysing and authenticating available information to determine its accuracy and reliability.

Focus is placed on relationships and networks as they relate to people, places, times, action, method and motivation. Identified risks and vulnerabilities will be explored.

FACT has a global reach and is able to conduct both physical and digital enquiries as required to ensure the provenance and verification of information.

The FACT Due Diligence Report is structured in line with the client’s requirements and objectives and will contain information to enable informed decisions to be made.

Principal Due Diligence Activity


  • Confirmation of identity and family history.
  • Professional and educational history.
  • Personal and business reputations.
  • Criminal proceedings and civil litigation.
  • Financial status.


  • Operational and financial status.
  • Property and other asset-related sources.
  • Regulatory history, sanctions and violations.
  • Corporate, partnership and other business records.
  • Significant events and emerging influencing trends.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in the landscape.
  • Security measures.


  • Methods of communication.
  • Media activity.
  • Online activity.
  • Cyber threat.

FACT Verification Services

FACT Verification seeks to identify the accuracy and validity of the information provided by the applicant in any process, and to detect information that supports or challenges these assertions.

Principal Verification Activity

  • Confirmation of Personal Profile.
  • Identification of all family members and references.
  • Determination of wealth sources.
  • Occupational history and business activity.
  • Measure of media profile and character.
  • Level of political reporting.
  • Details of involvement in legal proceedings.
  • Results of research of sanctions and global watch lists.
  • Identified security risks or threats.

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