Digital and online crime

With the popularity of the internet and technology rapidly elvolving, more and more people are choosing to access content online.

Whether it’s from a mobile phone, tablet or smart TV, online digital consumption is increasing and fast becoming the people’s choice for accessing film, TV, music, books, software and games, with 59% of UK internet users consuming content online.

However, with this increase of online consumption also comes piracy. Businesses from across the creative industries are seeing more content being pirated and illegally accessed online.

A recent survey from the IPO discovered 25% of internet users consuming content online have consumed at least one item illegally.

Piracy landscape

The piracy landscape is always evolving and traditional means of obtaining infringing content online is becoming increasingly fragmented. As this piracy landscape has evolved, FACT has continued to develop methods and techniques to effectively tackle new and emerging threats. To find out more about our approach to tackling online piracy visit our content protection page.

Types of digital and online piracy

There is a whole range of different types and methods of digital and online piracy. Within this section you can explore and find out more about the piracy landscape via our pages below:

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News Partnerships Prosecutions

Illegal IPTV box supplier jailed for four years

Following the first legal case involving illegal IPTV boxes a man has been jailed for four years. Terry O’Reilly was sentenced to four years in prison and a second supplier Will O’Leary pleaded guilty and received a two-year suspended sentence.

News Partnerships Prosecutions

Two Leeds pubs convicted and ordered to pay more than £8,500 for illegal Sky use

Following successful prosecutions by FACT, two pubs in Leeds have each been convicted and ordered to pay a combined total of more than £8,500 in fines and costs for showing Sky Sports illegally in their premises.

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