Apps and piracy

Apps and piracy

The internet has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Long gone are the days of dial-up connection as broadband and Wi-Fi now dominates most homes, works places and public spaces. Broadband speeds are becoming faster and cheaper and therefore technology is evolving at the same rate. Smart phones, TVs, tablets and laptops are now common features in daily life and the majority of these now operate on apps.

What are apps and how do they work?

Apps are self-contained programs or pieces of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose. Downloaded onto digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and TVs, apps provide you access to a wide range of content such as news, games and social media. But as technology has developed, so have the criminals behind online piracy and apps have now been produced to provide access to infringing content, such as films, TV shows, music and games.

How do we tackle it?

As the online piracy landscape has evolved, FACT has continued to develop methods and techniques to effectively tackle new and emerging threats. Our experts can tackle infringing apps through a variety of our services including online investigations, intelligence and our scanning and takedown service.

Find out more about our services and how we work to combat infringing apps by contacting us today.

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