24 December 2014

Counterfeit DVDs worth £16,000 have been seized by police in Inverness.

The intelligence-led operation with officers from the community investigation unit of Police Scotland’s Highland and Islands Division seized over 800 fake copyright DVDs from an Inverness address.

Police worked closely with Highland Council Trading Standards officers and investigators from FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) for the successful outcome.

Detective Inspector Brian Mackay, said: “A seizure of copyright material on this scale has effectively eliminated around £16,000 of potential criminal gains. Working closely with Highland Council Trading Standards and FACT has enabled officers to pinpoint the source of the illegal activity and ensure those responsible face the consequences of their actions, protecting legitimate businesses and consumers as a result.

“We would also appeal to anyone who suspects illegal copyright activity is taking place to contact police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Gordon Robb, Trading Standards Manager at Highland Council, said: “Buying and selling fake goods and other forms of intellectual property theft undermines legitimate businesses at a local, national and international level, often leaving consumers feeling cheated and disappointed. Trading Standards will act to combat counterfeiting and to disrupt the activities of those involved.

“This often involves working closely with the police on such cases and this joint operation in Inverness is a good example of how this can put a stop to what was a sizeable illegal operation.”

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