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Protect your brand and content with our online investigations service

With the popularity of the internet and technology evolving rapidly, more and more people are choosing to shop and access content online.

Across the globe, there is now over 3.4 billion people using the internet and in the UK, nearly 90% of adults (45.9 million) are logging in online.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) reported that international trade in counterfeit and pirated products is now worth up to €338 billion (approx. £300 billion) and with this increasing demand for everything to be online, brands, businesses and consumers are now finding the digital world flooded with fake goods and online piracy.

Counterfeits and pirated content such as films, TV, music, books, software and games, are no longer just found in local markets – they are now easily available across the internet on auction sites, online market places, dedicated websites and social media.

How can our online investigations service help your business?

FACT has significant experience in investigating illegal activity, infringing websites and the individuals behind them.

Our expert online investigation service is constantly developing pioneering methods and techniques to quickly identify and remove infringing websites, links and posts, keeping us at the forefront of online digital investigation.

Working closely with other key services within FACT, such as intelligence and scanning, our online investigation experts map and track persistent offenders, organisations, illegal IT networks and organised crime groups (OCGs).

FACT’s investigations always meet the highest UK evidential standards and our services are often requested to supply evidence to enforcement agencies both in the UK and internationally, in support of multi‐agency operations.

We can also provide investigation experts to attend days of action and enforcement to assist with support and guidance and can supply expert witnesses during legal proceedings.

FACT’s online investigation service is entirely flexible and can be tailored on a case-by-case basis. We have the capability to act immediately and ensure swift action, outcomes and removal of content.

To find out more about how your brand or business can benefit from online investigations contact us today.

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News Partnerships

Suppliers of IPTV boxes ordered to pay £267,000 to the Premier League

Three suppliers of pre-loaded IPTV boxes that facilitate mass piracy of Premier League football broadcasts have been ordered to pay a total of £267,000 by the Courts for infringing copyright.

Arrests News Partnerships

Multi-agency crackdown on illegal TV set-top boxes results in five arrests

Five people have been arrested today (Wed 8 February) in a crackdown on the sale and distribution of illegal TV set-top devices in the North West of England and Wales.

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