Providing a comprehensive suite of services

Our range of services are recognised by businesses, law enforcement, and governments across the globe. We take pride in being a pioneer of IP protection and provide high-quality due diligence, investigations, and digital forensics services to UK and international clients.

We provide bespoke approaches to suit individual circumstances, support commercial objectives, mitigate risk, and protect your business and reputation.

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Due Diligence

Combines extensive experience in global investigations and intelligence gathering with local contact networks and specialist country knowledge



FACT’s intelligence-led investigations uncover, reveal, detect, disrupt, deter, dismantle, protect, prevent and prosecute


IP Protection

Our intelligence and investigation services will protect your intellectual property and prevent infringements online and offline


Digital Forensics

Use our data recovery expertise, which uncovers messages, images, documents, files, meta-data and internet activity, to build compelling evidence in support of your investigation

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