Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is an integral part of any investigation

With over 40 years of investigative experience, our in-house team of digital forensic experts are available to assist you in every phase of your investigatory process, ensuring that you have the evidence you need to assist you with your case. FACT have a proven track record of providing and presenting evidence in court, resulting in numerous high-profile successful prosecutions.

Our team are committed to delivering the highest quality of service, working with you to ensure that your investigation is thorough and complete. Whether you require assistance with a civil or criminal matter, our forensic experts are available to provide you with the support you need.

As an independent Barrister, representing a number of different clients, I am able to recommend any forensics company in the market, for use by my clients. FACT is at the top of my list – they are reliable, have leading experts well versed in giving evidence, a wealth of experience in criminal litigation, and can marshal complex forensic issues in a manner easily comprehensible by a jury.

Ari Alibhai, Barrister, QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers

Efficient Date Collection

We employ advanced digital forensic solutions to collect, recover, and reproduce deleted or encrypted data from seized digital evidence. Our expert team offers a range of data collection services, including on-site data capture from a wide range of digital devices and operating systems, including:

  • Laptops, computers, and tablet devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Server data, hard drives, and backup tapes
  • Cloud server data (e.g. Office 365 exchange servers)
  • External storage devices (USB sticks and external hard drives)

Thorough Data Analysis

Our team of digital forensic experts analyse data to answer critical questions in an investigation, such as who, what, when, where, and why. By examining digital data from multiple devices, we can identify patterns of illegal behaviour and activities that help determine the culprits’ actions. Through advanced techniques and metadata analysis, we decipher the digital evidence needed for legal proceedings.

Compelling Data Presentation

Throughout your investigation, our team will assist you and provide evidence for criminal and civil cases. We adhere to best practices to ensure the accuracy, continuity, and integrity of the evidence, giving you the confidence to use it in court. Our comprehensive examination reports transform complex technical data into an easily understood format, enabling you to make informed decisions. With our proven track record of presenting evidence in court, you can rely on FACT’s courtroom expertise to support your case and succeed in your legal proceedings.

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