About us

FACT has been protecting businesses and fighting crime for more than 35 years

FACT was formed in 1983 to protect the content, product and interests of the film and television broadcasting industries. Its success over the years led to it being regarded as the leader in intellectual property protection.

FACT has remained at the forefront of technological advances, changing methodologies and a rapidly expanding market, which has resulted in national and international recognition by governments, law enforcement, private sector businesses, the media and the general public.

FACT’s ethos is to protect, prevent, detect, deter, disrupt and dismantle, always keeping in mind the ultimate sanctions of criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Due to demand from other industry sectors FACT has branched out to investigate cybercrime, fraud and other IP crime. FACT also provides preventative measures such as due diligence services and IT security.

Working in both the UK and internationally, FACT’s range of services and strategic and tactical solutions are designed to tackle crime and support businesses. FACT provides bespoke approaches to suit individual circumstances, support commercial objectives and protect organisational reputation and revenue.

Discreet, professional, high quality outcomes are guaranteed with FACT, based on over three decades of experience and expertise and a hard-won reputation for excellence.