Ealing Studios awarded FACT Certification

The world’s oldest continuously working studio facility for film production has played a part in many award-winning productions and can now celebrate another success as Ealing Studios has been awarded FACT Certification.

Recognised as the leader in intellectual property (IP) protection, FACT Certification is based on the international standard ISO 27001 and provides assurance that organisations are delivering high quality, secure processes and solutions both digitally and physically.

Ealing Studios is home to many high-end productions and therefore IP is of high value. Studio Manager Charlie Fremantle said: “IP security is something Ealing Studios takes very seriously. IP is our clients’ lifeblood, and it is by extension therefore, our own. Last month FACT conducted an on-site audit of our digital and physical security measures and we are delighted to be able to pass on this assurance to our clients that our systems are robust and that we can continue to deliver a high quality and secure service.”

FACT’s Chief Operating Officer Eddy Leviten added: “The security at Ealing is one of the best we have seen for a studio site. We’re really pleased to be able to award this certification to studios with such exciting heritage. At FACT we protect IP from its creation to consumption and ensuring that the most robust security measures are in place at the very beginning should be of the highest priority to any creator.”

The process to apply for FACT Certification is straightforward. Once an application is received a FACT representative will make contact to arrange an inspection. We are working in accordance with government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and are taking appropriate precautionary measures to reduce risks to our clients and staff.

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