27 September 2023

FACT are delighted to be a partner of BeStreamWise, alongside Sky, the Premier League, the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE, Crimestoppers, the IPO, and other industry partners. BeStreamWise is a new initiative that allows audiences to learn the facts, read the latest news, and most importantly, find legal routes to safely stream their favourite content.

FACT have always been committed to protecting the rights of content creators and ensuring online safety. BeStreamWise is an essential educational platform focused on raising awareness about the dangers of illegal streaming and we are proud to be a partner of this important industry initiative.”

Providing tips on how to stay safe when streaming content, BeStreamWise recommends:

  1. Beware of online pop-up ads and ads for streaming services online. Verify their legitimacy independently by researching the brand. A simple way to do this is by searching the provider’s name alongside “SCAM” to uncover information. If it is a scam you may well find feedback about this online.
  2. Never share personal or financial details online or elsewhere unless you are certain you are dealing with a legitimate brand. Be suspicious of adverts that use urgency or other pressure tactics to get you to buy or subscribe. Don’t act in the heat of the moment. It is always best to verify their official website or with their customer service before acting.
  3. Use unique strong passwords with numbers and special characters for all your accounts. Never reuse your password for more than one site and use a password manager if possible. Enabling MFA (multi-factor authentication) allows for another layer of security whenever someone tries to log in to your accounts.
  4. Check your bank statements regularly. Notify your bank if you see anything suspicious or unexpected on your account.
  5. Remember that scams come in all shapes and sizes. You can be contacted via phone, text, email or through social media DMs. Scammers will ask the victim to give something whether that’s money, information or even to click on links or open attachments. You should be suspicious and double-check before sending money or information, especially if you feel emotional or time pressure to do so.

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