16 February 2023

Kieron Sharp comments in The Industry Trust for IP Awareness report – PIRACY: A PROBLEM SHARED which looks at how the combination of piracy, technological convenience, gaps in regulatory protections, and media advocacy are impacting infringement.

The report reveals an innovation – and opportunity – curve for the industry that has continued steeply upwards. It forecasts a future in which video alone could more than double its pre-pandemic category value by 2025. You can download the report here. But the Evolution report also points to the negative influence of infringement on the industry’s potential and how this is also developing. 

“This report once again highlights the dangers of using illegal streaming services for your entertainment. FACT constantly takes enforcement action against all parties in the piracy eco-system, so facilitators and consumers of illegal content should be in no doubt that, in addition to malware and hacking, they face additional dangers in the form of investigation into criminal activity. Piracy is a crime: no person should believe they will not be investigated. And all the while the same providers of illegal services are seeking to steal your personal and financial information. In conjunction with law enforcement, government and industry partners, FACT’s enforcement strategy is implemented in many ways – with criminal prosecution being the ultimate sanction”.


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