FACT’s intelligence service protects businesses, personal reputation and valuable assets

FACT are an intelligence-led organisation – intelligence forms the basis and starting point of our investigations. Whether we are assisting you in developing action against infringing content providers or providing insights with our global due diligence services, our team will handle your data through the intelligence cycle from receipt to action. An accurate intelligence picture of the landscape will enable you to tackle current issues, foresee future problems and make informed decisions.

Experts in open source intelligence research, supported by a global network of information sources and relationships within law enforcement, industry and business communities – we deliver actionable insights to support your investigations at every stage.

Our high-quality reports are utilised by governments, law firms, partner agencies, law enforcement and private individuals, and support decision-making and action delivery on your behalf.

Global reach, local knowledge; our NPPV2-vetted, multi-lingual team are experienced in delivering the highest quality intelligence solutions.

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Combines extensive experience in global investigations and intelligence gathering with local contact networks and specialist country knowledge

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Our intelligence and investigation services will protect your intellectual property and prevent infringements online and offline

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Use our data recovery expertise, which uncovers messages, images, documents, files, meta-data and internet activity, to build compelling evidence in support of your investigation

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FACT’s intelligence-led investigations uncover, reveal, detect, disrupt, deter, dismantle, protect, prevent and prosecute

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