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Set-top boxes seized during Walsall fraud raid

Dozens of electronic items including suspected illegal set-top boxes have been seized from a Walsall flat during a warrant this morning (30 June). The items were located after a joint investigation by the Metropolitan Police and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) into the sales of illegal set-top boxes that allow free access to subscription … Continued

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Five men arrested for conspiring to defraud film industry

In February 2013 five men from the West Midlands area were arrested by police in a coordinated operation, it being alleged that they were members of a secret underground community which described itself as ‘The Scene’ and which specialised in the unauthorised online distribution of recently released films. The men are being prosecuted by FACT … Continued

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Four arrested in UK piracy crackdown

THE GLOBAL fight against piracy came to the West Midlands this morning (Friday 1 February) when police raided four addresses along with investigators from the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).               FACT, which represents members who create and distribute films, TV programmes and sports broadcasts, joined police officers from … Continued