What does a due diligence provider do?


Due diligence is the investigative process of identifying and analysing information and details about an individual or business before entering into an agreement or undertaking other commitments. Read more on why due diligence should be the foundation of business decisions.

Conducting effective due diligence that covers all the risk areas and issues requires investigative techniques that go beyond normal business checks. Therefore, it is highly advisable to engage with a professional due diligence provider, such as FACT.

When engaging a due diligence provider is it essential that they understand your business needs, the information you require and the budget you have available. We offer a range of bespoke services, tailored to your requirements and budget – talk to us today to find out more.

A due diligence provider will use all available investigative techniques to generate the information you need. Our due diligence team at FACT can provide concise and informative reports on key risk areas including:

  • Background and personal information
  • Business records and activity
  • Sanctions, PEP and global watch lists
  • Online activity and cyber threats
  • Fraud and money laundering
  • Asset tracing
  • Criminal proceedings and civil litigation
  • Visits to locations globally to verify information

You should be confident that your due diligence provider has a complete understanding of your business need. Read more on what you should expect from a due diligence provider.

Talk to us today about your due diligence needs.

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