23 January 2021

Investment migration programmes offer individuals and families the opportunity to acquire additional citizenship or residency in another country. Governments benefit significantly from these programmes with investment funds improving the lives of their citizens and future citizens.

It is vital for those applying for citizenship by investment to apply through approved schemes to ensure proper vetting and verification to ensure they pose no risk to the country to which they are applying for citizenship, nor the countries to which they might travel in the future.

Our independent due diligence services are trusted by governments to verify identity, location, property, financial interests and personal information. Combining online and in-country checks including visits to confirm addresses and businesses and visits to local record offices to check documents, we provide a complete verification on applicants.

We provide concise and informative reports on key risk areas including:

  • Background and personal information
  • Business records and activity
  • Sanctions, PEP and global watch lists
  • Online activity and cyber threats
  • Fraud and money laundering
  • Criminal proceedings and civil litigation

We are a member of the Investment Migration Council – a leading global association concerned with investment-related migration.

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