10 January 2018

A new security threat has been revealed, putting virtually all devices at risk. Apparently, there are a set of security flaws on nearly all computers with chips from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMC) and ARM.

Other devices concerned are smartphones, tablets and even internet servers.

To avoid hackers accessing sensitive information due to this security flaw, ensure all your devices have their operating system up to date.

Most systems should perform the update automatically, but do make sure this feature is active on your devices, or manually check for updates.

For more advice on how to stay secure online, contact FACT to speak to a cyber security expert or find out more about our Security Certification. FACT Security Certification ensures your organisation has high levels of security to safeguard your operations, both physically and digitally. The scheme, which is based on ISO 27001, is currently awarded to more than 100 companies of all shapes and sizes including Microsoft, Pinewood Studios and UPS.

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